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Aerial Video and Still photography
Adding value to your business!
A corporate video can add value to your business, promoting your services or products, creating new business or assisting in producing an effective workforce and safe environment. It is a cost-effective means of reaching a large audience whether you want a promotional program to send out to potential customers, to promote new products to existing customers, a video for exhibition use or to capture an important corporate event.
These days, clients are looking for an impressive way to open conference sessions. We can create the perfect video production to open the conference or “Wow!” them in your next meeting, and get them energized once they arrive. Or simply produce a comprehensive story of what took place for record purposes or showing to the rest of the team.

A cameramans eye
Portable Teleprompter
Lets talk about training, what better way to bridge the language barrier than with a training video in the viewer's home language. A Training Video is an efficient and cost-effective means of training your staff'
Streaming Media - encoding, hosting and linking to your website
We can take your content, encode it and then host it on our server for access over the internet. Alternatively, it can be linked to your website, enabling it to be viewed with ease by prospective customers or anyone with access to the Internet . YouTube hosting is another option, click on the link below for examples
Download 'The Four Stages of
Producing a Corporate Video
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